About Me

Hi there.

My name is Mark Bebout over the past 17 years I have bought, sold, and brokered millions of dollars in small businesses. Over this time, I’ve developed an amazing system that will teach you how you can buy your own successful small business.

Small businesses are arguably the most vital single component to our economic system. They create jobs and generate wealth for employees and their families. These businesses also generate wealth for the owners and their families. For so many of these business owners, selling the business is their exit strategy as they begin to hit their retirement age, which provides a tremendous opportunity to qualified and educated aspiring entrepreneurs.

My mission is to teach as many of you future entrepreneurs as possible! I will teach you my strategies for how I how to find, evaluate, and purchase a business of your own. Whether it is to replace your current income completely, or to diversify your investments into operating businesses, my experience and system will provide you with the tools necessary to make owning a successful business achievable for you!