How A Small Business Can Instantly Replace Your Job (And You Never Miss A Paycheck)

How long have you been wanting – dreaming – about owning your own business?

Maybe you’ve even put some action to your dreams and have tried to start a business in the past, but for one reason or another it didn’t work out for you (by the way, if this is you…join the club. It’s a big club!).

So here you are. Still stuck in your job – maybe it’s not that bad of a job – but it just isn’t what you really want to be doing. You want to start living life on your own terms, you just haven’t been able to figure out how to pull it all together so that you can quit your job and work your own business full time. Maybe you’ve even had a nice ride in your career, but you’re burnt out, and you’ve known for a while that it is time to move on.
But you feel stuck. And it sucks.
The biggest challenge that people like you have with bridging the gap between being able to quit their jobs and work in your own business is one simple, little word that makes the world go ’round. It’s the one reason that the vast majority of you reading this right now cannot seem to break away from the job you hate and start doing what you love. Any guess what that word is?


We build our entire financial lives on that little word. It is both a blessing and a curse because it has gotten you to where you are today, but it is also what is keeping you stuck where you are today. Most of us can’t go long without one, which is why trying to start a new business is so stinking tough. You are forced to do it in your spare time with the hopes that you can eventually get it to the point where it can replace your paycheck you get from your job. This is a tough bind to be in and most people never find a way out of it.
Maybe you are trying or have already tried to create a new business with the hopes that it could eventually replace your paycheck. I’ve certainly been there before – and failed. I believe that startup businesses have a lot more in common with death marches than people realize. They can drag on for eternity with no end in sight, and will most likely culminate with the death of the business (Google “startup failure rates” for the gory details).

And that is the bad news.

But as bad as the bad news is, there is good news. Very good news.

Starting a new business is not the only way to fulfill your dreams while struggling to replace your paycheck. In fact, starting a new business isn’t even the best choice for most of you. There is a much better path, and that path is to buy a business.

You see, when you buy a business, in most cases what you’re buying are the owner earnings that the current owner is making in the business. In other words, you are buying their paycheck. That is essentially what the owner of that business has to sell, and that is essentially what you are buying from them. Getting into business this way will enable you to be able to replace your paycheck right away, and this will get you out of that miserable job that you are in right now, and get into your own business quickly.
Owner earnings are a powerful thing.

It is the worlds best kept entrepreneurial secret. It’s a secret that big businesses have known for a hundred years. Think of how many times you hear of a larger company “acquiring” a smaller company (they call it an acquisition because it sounds more sophisticated). And those are just the ones you’ve heard about. For every business sale that hits the news, there are dozens more behind-the-scenes that you never hear about.

The reason bigger businesses buy smaller businesses is because buying is a faster, cheaper, and better way to reach their goals than starting one from nothing.

And for you, being able to instantly replace your paycheck with the earnings from your new business will open up opportunities that you’ve only dreamed about.

Now it’s time to get busy on those dreams.